Will the youths be the game changers?

Talking Point According to a paper by the Research Advocacy Unit ( RAU) 75% of people living in Zimbabwe are said to be below 35 years old. Youths are therefore seen as a huge political base waiting to be exploited by politicians.

Are We Valuing Death More than Life in Zimbabwe?

By Takura Zhangazha* In some regular conversations with a colleague discussing the state of the national economy, we make mention of one of the striking ironies that one of our country’s most successful companies  (at least visibly) is a funeral services one.  And so is its marketing (yes, it has the audacity to sponsor football…

Pro-Mugabe demo flops

Staff reporter A demonstration called for by the smaller grouping of war veterans led by Mandi Chimene flopped after only a handful of people turned up to demonstrate against Minister of War Veterans Tshinga Dube after he said that there was nothing wrong discusing President Robert Mugabe’s succession.