Protesters present flowers and cakes to ZRP

By Staff Reporter

Protesters  met at Africa Unity Square in Harare this morning to commemorate the life of Itai Dzamara who went missing 17 months ago. Dzamara was a political activist who was calling for the resignation of President Mugabe after accusing Mugabe of running down the economy.


Before starting the proceedings activist Stan Zvorwadza castigated police for their heavy handed approach on protesting citizens. He said that to avoid being attacked by police, the activists had brought children who would present flowers and  cakes to police officers as a gesture of peace.

Zvorwadza implored the police to take off their uniforms and join civilians in demanding good governance and an end to poverty. Protesters then marched towards the police led by children who were holding flowers and cakes for the police.

Police officers refused to accept the gifts and could be seen retreating to their trucks. Zvorwadza then told protestors to leave the police officers alone to continue with the day’s business of commemorating the life of Dzamara.

He said “We have seen that our police officers are peace loving because they have not attacked anyone. Their boss Saunyama is not here today, he is the one who orders them to beat up people”



More to follow

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