#Tajamuka demands a clean voters roll

By Staff Reporter


It is now 36 years since Zimbabwe attained its hard-fought independence. Nonetheless, the economic hardships continue distressing the country thereby giving rise to the emergency of pressure groups denouncing the Mugabe led regime.

Tajamuka Deputy Spokesperson and Secretary General of the Unemployed Youth Organization Donald Mavhudzi has denounced Zimbabwe’s 92 year old president.  Speaking to members of the press in Epworth Harare on the today he said

“Robert Mugabe is 92 years old. His continued rein on power is not only threatening the country presently, but the future generations also. As #Tajamuka campaign we have resolved to denounce Robert Mugabe’s presidency”.

He went on to express his discontentment over the economic meltdown in the country.

“For the past 36 years, Zimbabwe has been plunging into economic ruin .The country is presently operating without its own currency, thanks to Robert Mugabe’s mis-governance.”

He accused Mugabe and cabal for looting resources such as the $15 billion Chiadzwa proceeds which have led to the destruction of the ‘troubled economy.’

Mavhudzi also warned the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission against being partisan and urged the body to protect the one man one vote system.

“We want; in the same vain to warn Rita Makarau and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to desist from partisan tendencies .The commission should clean the voter’s roll and effect electoral reforms with immediate effect. Failure to do that we urge ZEC resort to the ‘one man , one vote system  of the 1980  where  only the national identity card is used as a prerequisite and do away with the Voter’s Roll altogether .”

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