Brace for more shutdowns warns #Tajamuka

Staff Reporter

Despite having their leader in court today on charges of public violence, #Tajamuka today told journalists at the Media Centre that they are going ahead with their stay away to force President Mugabe to step down.

#Tajamuka Coordinating Committee member Hardlife Mudzingwa  announced that the country is going to hold a fresh National Shutdown on 31 August 2016. He described the event as the ‘correct footing into the red zone of the campaign.’

“The National Shutdown is a correct footing into the red zone of the campaign .We have seen the satanic face of the government, we have witnessed complacency to amend SI 64 of 2016”

“Citizen have been victims of Zanu-PF attempts to instill fear, criminalize lawful protests granted by the high court of Zimbabwe, de-legitimatization of various hashtags birthed in the nation by citizens,” he added

He  urged workers, business communities, students, transport operators, unemployed graduates, politicians and civic society organizations to heed  the national shutdown call

Mudzingwa castigated the government for failing to deliver on its ZIMASSET election promises particularly the 2,2 million jobs.

“The current failure by President Robert Mugabe to superintend over the affairs of the state have forced us into this situation”

Mudzingwa  distanced Tajamuka from the messages circulating on social media which are advocating for the 29-30 August 2016  shut down and advocating for violent confrontations with government.

“We distance this campaign from dubious hoax messages advocating for burning of fuel service stations and the 29-30 shut. These are part of futile attempts to criminalize a peaceful campaign and an attempt to wean the campaign from the public sympathy is has enjoyed ,”

Despite the planned legal peaceful demonstrations by the disgruntled citizens in the country, the government, through the police, has vowed to clamp dow on protesters.

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