Turn protesters into voters- Mliswa …. says he now controls ‘rigging machine’, war vets

Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial Chairperson Temba Mliswa has challenged the opposition political parties in the country to turn the current wave of the protests into voters which are necessary to remove the failed Mugabe government.

Zimbabwe has been currently hit by a wave of protesters which have turned violent as police fail to deal with the demonstrating crowds.

Speaking to the media in Harare the former Zanu PF provincial god father advised the country’s opposition parties to turn their anger into votes.

“The anger and failure by the Mugabe government must turn into the voters. Some of these protesters that are coming into the elections are they registers?,” said the former Zanu PF Mashonaland West boss.

Mliswa urged the parties to avoid the current boycotting of elections and participate in elections in order for them to test the electoral system.

“Opposition parties would do well to encourage increased voter registration as opposed to boycotting elections cultivates a habit of voter apathy that is bound to work against them come 2018. Zanu PF are continuously registering new voters who, whether forcibly or not, participate in elections thereby swinging votes in their favour,” added the outspoken Norton parliamentary candidate.

Mliswa described the boycotting of the electoral processes as ‘digging graves’ for the opposition political outfits saying they should take part in the electoral process.

“Political parties are digging their graves for themselves by not participating in elections. Take part in those elections, the dynamics of politics has changed and political parties that do not contest in elections cannot fully understand or appreciate the magnanimity of participating in an election thwart with irregularities which is why there is need to push for electoral reforms,” he added.

Mliswa equated the electoral system to a football tournament in which they was need to test all the avenues available until the parties get to the ‘final’, which is the 2018 elections.

“As in a game of football, you cannot be in the final before you have gone through qualifiers, knockouts and semi-final stages and therefore it would be folly of us to think that come 2018 things will have miraculously changed without testing the system along the way,” he said

Commenting in his recent found alliance with war veterans led by Christopher Mutsvangwa who now support his Norton Parliamentary bid, Mliswa said he now had the rigging machine on his side and was confident they would assist him win the elections.

“I am glad I now have the rigging machine by my side. Remember these are the people who mobilised voters making them to vote for Zanu PF. They are the only people who can confidence people not to vote for President Mugabe,” he said.

“I commend the war veterans, who are the liberators of our country for their unwavering support and their realization that what they fought for in the past has been eroded over time. This is contrast to political parties who feel that I should write to them for support,” said Mliswa who also lost the elections in the Hurungwe by-elections.


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