“Pay school fees or I will shoot you” Chibuwe Headmaster

Staff reporter

Chibuwe High Schoo; students are afraid of going to school after the Headmaster of the school , Mr Needmore Maposa allegedly  fired a bullet in the air demanding that students go back home to collect full school fees yesterday morning.

Some students had reported for school without full school fees on the opening day forcing the headmaster to instruct them to  go back and collect full school fees on the 7th of September. The students resisted resulting in the headmaster firing shots in the air to intimidate them.

Officials at the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education were not immediately available to comment.

This is not the first time that the headmaster has resorted to using his firearm in solving community disputes. Villagers say that the headmaster acquired a firearm after Chibuwe school was almost robbed but he is now using the fire arm to intimidate community members.

Platform for Youth Development Director Claris Madhuku said that people are facing economic challenges and there are other ways to to enforce the payment of school fees.

He said ” I doubt the headmaster would do something like that instead of engaging parents on the way forward.”

Parents have been struggling to raise school fees as the country is facing serious cash shortages. Curiously most schools have not installed point of sale machines to make life easier for parents.




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