“We will approach British government to address our welfare”-War Veterans

Staff reporter


War veterans today told journalists that they would approach the British government and other governments in an effort to have their welfare issues addressed. The war veterans were reacting to reports last week that the government would withdraw welfare benefits from war veterans who have been expelled from the party.

The former liberation fighters have been involved in a bitter wrangle with President Robert Mugabe which has seen 5 executive members of the war veterans association being expelled from the ruling party.

Following the fall out , the government through the Ministry of War Veterans has been plotting to make changes in the war veterans association

They said that the ruling party has been keeping them close for the purposes of using them in their political errands.

“We have been waiting for 36 years that our grievances will be addressed but we will not wait anymore. Why should we be promised of milk and honey by this government which is failing to pay those who are working for it?” said secretary general of the association Victor Matemadanda.

War veterans also warned the ruling ZANU PF to stop interfering with their structures saying that the former liberation fighters had finally risen above partisan politics and  were ready to face all Zimbabweans.


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