Military orders reversal of Chinamasa proposals-Mandaza

Staff reporter


Government had to reverse its decision to cut civil servants salaries and their bonuses after the country’s security establishment intervened says political analyst Ibbo Mandaza. The security chiefs told President Mugabe that the measures could result in strikes and protests by the civil servants which the country would be unable to deal with.

Addressing delegates at SAPES Trust dialogue series in Harare , Mandaza said Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa’s proposals were reversed at the weekend after security forces warned of protests if government went ahead with its plans.

” Securocrats reversed Chinamasa’s budget proposals because they fear protests will escalate. Now what this means is that there is no going back on this economic crisis and protests will escalate so Zimbabwe needs a political solution” said Mandaza.

Earlier former Finance Minister and PDP President Tendai Biti addressed the media in Harare saying that there was no way Chinamasa would have announced proposals Mugabe was not aware of. He revealed that Mugabe chairs the finance committee and would be aware of any policy changes proposed.

Efforts to get comment from the Zimbabwe Defense Forces were unsuccessful.

In July teachers Associations organised a national strike which resulted in the shutting down of business in the whole country. The country has also been engulfed in endless protests in urban areas especially Harare, as opposition parties demand reform and civic groups demand an improvement in the performance of the economy.

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