“Don’t lend Zimbabwean government money”-Unemployed youths group

Staff reporter


The Unemployed Youths Organisation have urged international banks and lending institutions not to lend money to the government of President Robert Mugabe arguing that the government has a bad human rights record, does not respect the rule of law and is corrupt.

Referring to the African Development Bank’s (ADB) intention to clear the government’s debt arrears UYO said “we are reliably informed that they have agreed to assist ZANU PF in clearing its $601 million arrears. What is surprising us is they intend to do so despite the gross human rights violations and institutionalized corruption.”

The activists group claimed that Zimbabwe has been failing to get access to credit since 1999 because of its misguided priorities and the ruling parties focus to maintain its political hegemony at all costs.

” Government revenue is siphoned and channeled towards financing and facilitating the ZANU PF party to remain in power and dictatorship at the expense of the suffering masses.” added the statement

Young people are concerned that they will have to pay back the future debts being accumulated  by the Mugabe government through misplaced priorities and corruption. Mugabe has been accused of running an inflated wage bill that includes ghost workers which he has refused to cut.

President Mugabe has been accused of wasting money on unnecessary foreign trips including the recent trip where he used state resources to attend to a private matter involving his children in Dubai. Meanwhile Harare hospital has suspended some medical procedures saying there are not enough drugs at the hospital.


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