Breaking: Constitutional Court dismisses challenge against introduction of bond notes with costs

Staff Reporter

The constitutional court in Zimbabwe has dismissed Zimbabwe People First President Joyce Mujuru court challenge against the introduction of bond notes on the basis that the court action is premature. The court said the bond notes must be introduced first before the courts can entertain any action brought before it.

In a statement ZPF’s Advocate Gift Nyandoro said ” Dear builders our application has not succeeded. The reasoning of the court is that we should wait for the introduction of bond notes and see if the introduction has not complied with the law. That’s when we can approach the court. We are unhappy with such reasoning given the pronouncement of the introduction by government. We therefore await their introduction and then we take up our fight but unfortunately the damage would have happened”

Zimbabweans are in panic after government announced that bond notes will start circulating in the country by end of October.Most Zimbabweans are uncertain of what will happen to their savings and livelihoods when the bond notes come into circulation.


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