MDC worried about increase in human rights abuses

Mlondolozi Ndlovu

The Movement for Democratic Change led by Professor Welshman Ncube has condemned President Robert Mugabe for attacking pro-democratic movements saying this signified the shameful end to his 36 year rule.

Zimbabwe has in recent months faced protests and resistance but this has been met with resistance from the state with President Mugabe saying he would crush the demonstrators.

But the Ncube led MDC condemned the attack on those who are seeking a democratic dispensation in the country saying this was a ploy to suppress voices as the country braces for the 2018 plebiscite.

“The Movement for Democratic Change MDC condemns in strongest terms Robert Mugabe’s cruel attacks on opposition, clergy and Civil society members in his attempt to placate vicious criticism and confrontation ahead of 2018 general elections,” said the party spokesperson Kurauwone Chihwayi.

The party said the recent surge in human rights violations would not deter the country’s citizens from exercising their rights.

“The caging, abduction and torture of opposition forces will not help to propitiate the rising anger and determination by citizens to liberate themselves from an oppressive system,” added Chihwayi.

The party which is led by the former Minister of Industry Professor said it was now clear that Zanu PF was now on its way out as a result of the failure to manage the economy.

“Alarm bells are now ringing louder in Zimbabwe signifying the end of a Zanu PF era and the beckoning of a new political order in Zimbabwe. As the MDC we shall continue to press Robert Mugabe down over the free falling economy, implementation of electoral reforms and  life threatening corruption,”

“President Robert Mugabe has failed to boost public and investor confidence after his dismal failure to genuinely empower citizens or create the much needed employment. Zimbabwe is in the hands of merciless  kleptocrats who are using dirty tactics to cling on to power despite failure to craft the necessary legal framework to resuscitate the economy,” concluded Chihwayi

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