ZIMDEF funds used to pay rent for girlfriends- Nguni

Staff reporter

Zimbabwe AntiCorruption Commission  (ZACC) commissioner Goodson Nguni who is accused of having a criminal past and being at the centre of persecuting Minister of Higher Education Professor Jonathan Moyo today told journalists that money that was taken from ZIMDEF was not used to fund any political party but converted to personal use by Professor Moyo, Deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa and other officials.

In bank statements revealed to journalists, part of the money was used to buy furniture items, pay rent and also pay journalists.

Nguni told journalists that no money had been paid to any political party according to the bank statements of a company  owned by Deputy Minister Gandawa that the commission had obtained via a court order.

“There are no other sources of funds in this company account except those received from ZIMDEF” said Nguni.

“We got this information through a whistleblower, who runs and agriculture business who had received money from ZIMDEF” added Nguni.

Nguni was evasive when asked why he was not delivering this statement on behalf of ZACC. He said he is the chairman of the Investigation Committee and he had called for the press conference to clarify on inaccurate media reports that have been published recently.

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