Kasukuwere sued for partisan parceling of housing stands

Handing out residential land on partisan basis has backfired for Local Government Minister and ZANU PF political Commissar , Saviour Kasukuwere after he was sued by Denford Ngadziore on behalf of Residents Forum.


Denford Ngadziore on behalf of the Residents Forum filed an urgent chamber application to stop Minister Kasukuwere from giving out land to ZANU PF youths arguing that its the duty of the local government authority to issue housing stands and not the party.

ZANU PF has been giving out housing stands to party youths in the last few months. President Robert Mugabe ordered that land be given to youths and a rally was held at the ZANU PF headquarters to thank the veteran politician for his gesture.

Recently ZANU PF dished out housing stands in Norton on the eve of the by election which the party lost to independent candidate Temba Mliswa.

Everything appears to be crumbling after President Mugabe appeared to pour scorn on the practice of giving land to party youths when he told mourners at Cephas  Msipa’s funeral last week that soon land would run out and government needed to build houses for the youths instead of giving them land.

more to follow

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