Thousands stranded as homes demolished in Harare South

Staff reporter


It was Operation Murambatsvina all over again yesterday as homes in Harare South were demolished by Harare Municipality leaving 3000  people homeless.

A resident of Southlea Park who witnessed the demolitions said the demolitions happened at a place called ‘KuSavannah’ named so because of its close proximity to the Savannah Tobacco Company. The land is said to be owned by BAK Logistics a company wholly owned by ZSE listed Tobacco Sales Limited (TSL).

She said “The houses were built on land sold illegally. You could see it by the way they were being built. Where have you ever seen a residential stand that costs $60?”


One of the demolition victims who refused to be named said that the person who sold the land to them promised to rectify the problem so talking to the media would harm their chances of getting compensation.

“We paid some money to the seller and he has said that he will sort out the issue or pay us back so we cannot say much now” he said.

“We don’t know where we are going to go with our things and with the rains almost coming we don’t know what we are going to do” he added.

The ‘politicisation’ of the housing issue has resulted in many land barons and bogus housing mostly linked to the ruling party emerging and selling land to desperate home seekers.

In some cases the land barons and housing cooperatives are selling land belonging to other people or companies or land earmarked for other purposes such as schools.

The demolition of homes will fly in the face of the ruling party promises that they will give residential stands to the youths.



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