Watch Zim Apostle heals cancer and baby who never walked

The founder and leader of Greaterlife Embassy Church Apostle Try Immanuel has been a scuttlebutt on social media after a release of a video on his YouTube channel, of a cancer situation which was turned overnight in his Harare Branch last month.


The Charismatic Preacher who is based in Harare is known for performing miracles which are so controversial especially to the scientific sector, also used mightily in the area of prophetic deliverance has in the past been eye marked for always airing sentiments citing that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of UFIC is the solution to Zim current economic situation.

After healing a lady who had cervical cancer which was at stage 3 last month.

He has again shocked people by healing a child who is one year six months but could not walk nor stand on his own.

Mercy Chasara (the baby’s mother) of Waterfalls came on Wednesday the 19th of October to attend a mid-week service at Greaterlife Church with her child and he (Apostle Try Immanuel) picked her prophetically from the crowd.

He then prophesied to the mother and all at once asked for the child and told congregants that he saw the child not doing what he was expected to do and indeed the child was expected to be now walking without aid but he wasn’t even able to stand up on his own.

He laid a hand on the child and told the mother that she was going to testify.

To the mother’s surprise, she saw the baby on the next morning (Thursday) standing and walking on his own.

“I am very grateful for what the Man of God Apostle Try Immanuel did to my son, Thursday morning I saw my child walking and I was very happy…………… before I was worried because he couldn’t stand or walk as other kids …………… He is a messenger straight from God, My husband was even shocked how it happened and he even followed me to church” said Mercy Chasara

According to Health Sector a child a normal child has to start standing on his own and even walking few steps between 9 to 12 months but this child could not.

The question which remain hanging in people’s minds is, where does he take this power from? He (Apostle Try Immanuel) claim no power but acknowledges Jesus Christ who works wonders through him.

The shocking miracles that are happening almost in every service healed by Apostle Try Immanuel and the way God is using him especially in prophetic deliverance has caused people in and around Harare to call him THE SOLUTION MAN.

Watch the video below as the Man of God prophetically locates and heals the child and the testimony of the mother.




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