Government violated the Constitution on Bond Notes – Viva Zimbabwe

Staff Reporter

Viva Zimbabwe led by the famous Acie Lumumba who was recently in the courts for insulting and undermining the President’s Authority released a statement today citing that the Government does not respect and has violated the Constitution by declaring bond notes as a currency in Zimbabwe.

Below is part of the Statement released by Patson Mashingaidze Viva Spokesperson.

“The Government of Zimbabwe has violated section 68 of the Constitution by illegally promulgating bond note by this made up special instrument. The government of Zimbabwe has done this before and it is sad that they are doing it again, they have to tell the people of Zimbabwe what happened to the money they entrusted to banks.

The truth is the Zimbabwean Government has proven to the whole world that the constitution of the land is nothing but a piece of paper they take no heed to.

How have we the youths of this country kept quiet this long that they think we are idiots. Honestly the Zimbabwean situation has become a farce how can a non-currency be used as currency…

Viva Zimbabwe will fight to show the illegality of these bond notes till the very end .Then again sometimes one ought to resort to reason this government does not give us water the most basic of our rights then we expect them to govern us on important issues.

Viva Zimbabwe implores all Zimbabweans to realise that we can change who we are today and in history if we come together and say no to misgovernance and economic torture!” reads part of the statement.

Zim First leader Joice Mujuru among others once filed lawsuits challenging the introduction of bond notes but their efforts were bootless as the government is advancing making awareness to the public of the coming notes.

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