MDC warns ‘disruptive’ Zanu PF youths

Mlondolozi Ndlovu

The Movement for Democratic Change led by Professor Welshman Ncube have warned Zanu PF youths who disrupted the parliamentary outreach meetings on electoral reforms saying the aborted outreach meetings must be redone.

Parliament of Zimbabwe has been having public outreach meetings throughout the country, but these have been disturbed by Zanu PF members and at times their parliamentarians who are adamant to stop the electoral reform process.

In a statement the MDC Bulawayo youth assembly has raised its anger on the behavior of their Zanu PF rivals describing the conduct as ‘unacceptable’.

“The MDC Bulawayo Province Youth Assembly registers its displeasure and disgust at the disruption through violence of parliamentary outreach meetings on electoral reforms in Bulawayo and other parts of the country recently by ZANU PF youths. These tactics to try and silence the masses are barbaric, archaic and totally unacceptable. We are aware of the plot borne of the regime’s psychotic terror of electoral reforms to reduce these important outreach meetings into a fruitless exercise,” said the party through its Chairman Lucky Sibanda.

Most of the public hearings over the petition bought to Parliament by the Election Resource Centre (ERC) were disrupted by the rogue ruling party activists and the opposition party has demanded that they be redone.

“As the MDC youths of Bulawayo we demand that the aborted outreach meeting for Bulawayo be rescheduled so that we have our opportunity as citizens to contribute meaningfully to the process of electoral reforms without disruptions,” Sibanda said.

The smaller MDC faction also noted that these disruptions were deliberately done by Zanu PF to dilute the Electoral act and the constitution.

“We believe that these acts are perpetrated by enemies of democracy who will shamelessly stoop to any level in a desperate bid to maintain their indecent and self-servicing stranglehold on the seat of power. Such attempts to mutilate and dilute of the Electoral Act, constitution and loud calls by the masses for the implementation of electoral reforms will not work this time around. It is clear that ZANU PF, having sensed defeat in the next general election will try all in its power to try and kill the letter and spirit of the realignment and implementation of electoral reforms,” he highlighted.

The MDC vowed to fight the Zanu PF methods of doing things highlighting that the police should always be on high alert against what they called ‘rogue’ elements.

“Therefore as the MDC Bulawayo Province Youth Assembly we would like to make it categorically clear that we are not going to sit back and watch as this barbaric trend by the failed ZANU PF regime continues.

“Furthermore, we would like to remind the Zimbabwe Republic Police that their mandate comes from the national constitution and not from individuals, therefore we expect nothing short of professionalism in the manner they deal with these rogue elements. We are not impressed with their attitude in handling these violators thus far. It is the duty of the law enforcement agents to make sure that these parliamentary outreach meetings are not disrupted and those who attempt to do so are dealt with,” he said.

The time for messing around with our future is long gone. As young people we have a greater stake in the future of this country and as such we will not tolerate any mischievous attempts to disturb democratic processes as a way of delaying the change that Zimbabweans have been waiting for.

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