Protest groups declare Friday as day of protest against Bond Notes

Staff reporter


Protest groups in Zimbabwe have marked Friday 18 November as the day for protests against the introduction of bond notes . The groups involved in organising the protest include #Tajamuka, #Thisgown, #Thisflower, Zimbabwe National Association of Students’ Unions (ZINASU), National Union of Vendors’ Association, Unemployed Youths organisation,#ZimbabweYadzoka, #ThisConstitution , Bulawayo Youth Alliance (Buya) and National Electoral reform Agenda ( NERA).

The fight against bond notes is escalating after the activists composed a song denouncing bond notes. The song , ‘Musamanikidza mass’ ( dont force the povo) comes at a time when the activists have announced that they are embarking on protest action which has been named #Munhuwesemuroad. This is the first much publicized protests ever since the ban against protests in Harare expired.

Listen to song

One of the organisers who is also the Secretary General of ZINASU , Makombororero Haruzivishe said “We are getting into the streets to air our utmost displeasure in regards to the introduction of bond notes which are direct results of rampant corruption in our country. The demonstration is aimed at confronting corrupt government officials, eliminate corruption and stop financial terrorism by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.”

“We have reached the zenith of suffering at the hands of rotten corruption. Everyone in Zimbabwe is clear that a return to 2008 is intolerable. No one wants to face those empty shelves and experience the cholera epedemic of 2008. It indeed is our will to survive that is motivating us to fight to win this time around. In turmoil and tenacity, victory is certain.” added Haruzivishe

Previous demonstrations against bond notes have attracted very few people with the biggest gathering organised by #Thisflag and other groups who marched to Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa’s office not yielding any results.

Other efforts to engage the authorities to stop them from introducing bond notes have fallen on deaf ears with government insisting that bond notes are necessary to stop the siphoning  of the united States Dollars from the economy.

A constitutional court challenge against the introduction of bond notes lodged by former Vice President Joyce Mujuru was thrown out with costs by the constitutional court.

Despite the spirited fight against bond notes by activists groups and opposition parties the media has gone ahead promoting advertisements announcing the impending introduction of bond notes which will make the activists task harder.


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