Mliswa shoots back at critics

Staff reporter


Newly elected Norton MP Temba Mliswa has hit back at his critics after pictures of him in Local Government Ministers Saviour Kasukuwere’s office were posted on Social Media.

Social media users were angry that Mliswa was in the company of the ruling party political commissar and speculated that he could be on his way back to the ruling party.

However Mliswa has shot back arguing that he has a duty to serve his constituency and he will meet with anybody to advance the interests of people of Norton

He said  “I report to my constituency and not social media groups and am an MP who must deliver.If you have been following Norton Events…there’s one development called Kingsdale and there’s an order to evict 700 pro Zanu PF households…do I fold my arms and watch them being evicted?Tyson is the responsible minister and I had to seek audience with him so we could resolve this and must say, he was professional… please don’t use me in some of your fights.I will be meeting Oppah Muchinguri about the water situation soon, what will people say about it…if I can meet ED on govt business…why not even Mugabe?People must not be shallow and quiet sad to think about it.Am not the one who appointed G40 ministers Ka!I work for the people of Norton and they are over the moon about my intervention as MP…all these are my votes come 2018 if I decided to stand as MP in Norton!”


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