Dzamara admitted at local Hospital after alleged attack

Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe’s firebrand political activist Patson Dzamara is in hospital after he was allegedly abducted and had his car torched .patson-dzamara-brutalised


Details are sketchy but the activists claim that Zimbabwe State Security Agents abducted Patson Dzamara, beat up and severely injured 3 activists.

Missing Itai Dzamara’s brother Patson Dzamara who was not accounted for after the attack till this morning, was found severely injured and has been hospitalised ,Silvanos Madzova confirmed to journalists this morning.

According to sources two vehicles belonging to Patson Dzamara and Kauzani were burnt to ashes.

Police are said to have raided NAVUZ offices in town in search of Patson Dzamara and National Vendor Association President Sten Zvorwadza yesterday afternoon.

Some activists have condemned the government for the attacks on Dzamara and other activists.

“The Zimbabwean government should stand warned that no amount of intimidation will deter a determined people from fighting for what is due to them” Makomborero Haruzivishe said on facebook.




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