Bond notes-Riot police called in Mutare

Staff reporter

There was drama in Mutare yesterday after some residents rejected bond notes at the local FBC bank branch in the central business district.

Riot police were called and ordered those who were  not keen on accepting bond notes to disperse .

A source who spoke to Breakingnews said “Yesterday people were rejecting the bond note at FBC near Central police station and within 5 minutes riot police had been called and people were assaulted. Diamond FM arrived on the scene but surprising this was not in the news.”

He added “Vakauya ne the big grey trucks vobva vatenderedza the bank and ordered those who did not want money to go home. They ordered us to delete the videos and pictures we were taking”

Efforts to get comment from Mutare police were unsuccessful. FBC management in Mutare said they do not have any authority to speak to the media and referred all questions to their head office.

The Bond Notes which were introduced on Monday by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe have been received with mixed feelings. Some civil society groups have been leading protests against the introduction of bond notes but the government has forged ahead with the plan.

Some retailers in Harare were said to be rejecting bond notes but transport operators and vendors were accepting the bond notes.

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