‘Go to back of queue’ Kasukuwere told

Staff reporter

In a revolution people must respect the structure of the revolution and not try to jump the queue . This was said by spokesperson of the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association spokesperson , Douglas Mahiya at the Fidel Castro memorial lecture held at the Media Centre in Harare yesterday.

Mahiya said that Fidel Castro was succeeded by his brother Raul Castro who had been his deputy for a long time. He also said that there were other senior revolutionaries who could have succeed the iconic Cuban leader.

“In ZANU PF the structure was President Mugabe at the top, Vice President Simon Muzenda and Emmerson Mnangagwa, then all of us right down to the lowest ranking officer” said Mahiya.

He said just like what was done in the Cuban Communist Party, ZANU PF must also respect their own revolutionary structure.

“Now we have people like Kasukuwere thinking that they can disturb this order. If they are true revolutionaries they must join the queue and allow people to judge their work” added Mahiya.

The succession issue has torn the ruling party apart as President Mugabe is now showing signs of slowing down due to old age. War veterans are in favour of Mugabe leaving power to senior struggle stalwarts while and opposing group known as G-40  favours the idea of Mugabe being succeeded by youthful party cadres.


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