Mugabe addresses the nation

Staff reporter

President Robert Gabriel Mugabe today delivered his state of the nation address  in Harare.

Statutory Instrument 64


Speaking in parliament , Mugabe praised statutory instrument 64 of 2016 saying that it had already started bearing fruit through efficient use of foreign currency by restricting the importation of some goods. He named plastic producing companies as some of the immediate beneficiaries of the

Government introduced SI which restricts importation of certain goods in a bid to assist the manufacturing sector.The country is facing a liquidity challenges , which the government has tried to ease by introducing bond notes that has seen queues for cash at banks getting  longer.

Maize imports

Mugabe also told the nation that the government is importing grain to boost the nation’s food security situation. About 3,5 million Zimbabweans face hunger that the government has attributed to drought . Mugabe said that 800000 households will receive inputs to grow maize, soya bean and cotton.

The ruling party has been accused of politicizing food aid by sidelining those who support opposition parties.

President Mugabe said that SMEs are important for the revival of the economy and they would be supported financially by government.

Housing stands

The President told parliament that marginalised women and youths would be given housing stands , a departure from his speech at the the burial of national hero Cephas Msipa that government would now abandon the policy of giving people stands.

‘SONA a non-event’

Some Zimbabweans dismissed the state of the nation address as a non- event saying Mugabe had not offered solutions to the economic challenges affecting the country.

“Mugabe did not talk about bond notes, corruption or civil servant bonuses showing that he is not in touch with the real issues affecting our people” said Takunda Mukwada.

Other Zimbabweans vented their anger on social media accusing Mugabe of paying lip service to national problems.



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