Wenera leaves ZBC TV

Staff reporter

Popular TV show Wenera has pulled off from the national broadcaster ZBC TV over non payment of their dues.

The statement released by one of the directors Eddie Ndholvu read “Please note that Wenera won’t be screening tonight on ZBC TV and almost certainly the weeks to follow until ZBC meet the arrears that it owes Wenera. Every Monday and Tuesday nights are no longer the same without Wenera. We want to appreciate the support that our audience has given us in the past 17 months that we have been on TV and the growth that the program has gained and turning into one of the most watched television shows of today. This move to temporarily not screen Wenera hasn’t come easy but it’s been a push by the cast & crew to receive their money in time so that they live their lives and be able to buy food and shelter their families. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.”

Wenera is one of the few Zimbabwean TV shows that have been received well by the local audience but it seems to be going the same way as other shows such as Studio 263 which succumbed to lack of funding.

Local content production is being affected negatively by economic challenges that have made funding difficult to access. The ZBC also does not fund private content production making it difficult for local content producers to produce television shows.

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