Observers,activists slam Mugabe #SONA

Mlondolozi Ndlovu

President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday addressed the state of nation in Harare, in which he ignored the major economic problems currently affecting Zimbabwe such as the cash crisis, bond notes, poor service delivery, civil servants salaries among other issues.

The much-anticipated state of the nation address was an address in which most of the Zimbabweans had expected to address the current economic problems affecting the country.

But the President shocked many as he addressed probably one of his shortest speeches in many years in which he ignored the bond notes, the salaries of civil servants and the plight of the struggling masses.

Mugabe’s speech ignored the issues to do with the surrogate currency and choosing to look at his promises towards youths and women whom he promised to give stands.

He also highlighted that the government had done a lot of improvement in the health sectordespite the hospitals in the country failing to do basic services such as scans and operation.

Mugabe also noted that the recently promulgated Statutory Instrument 64, which banned the importation of foreign goods was already yielding results, much to the amusement of many.

A number of Zimbabweans who had expected the President to address the issues took their frustration on social media as they described the speech as ‘nothing’.

Political analyst DR Pedzisai Ruhanya had to post on his Facebook page where he highlighted that the speech was nothing.

“Mugabe did one thing NOTHING. Mugabe said nothing about the state of the economy ie bond notes, struggling masses, civil servants salaries etc. It was just a public appearance!,” said Ruhanya who is the Director of Zimbabwe Democracy Institute.

A Harare journalist Andrew Kunambura said even a villager would have done better that Mugabe saying the speech was ‘empty’.

“I now understand why there was no anticipation at all towards the so-called State of the nation address by Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe today.  It was the emptiest and most aimless speech I ever heard in my thirty plus years of life.Even the popular villager Chidembo in my rural place who is famous for entertaining grave diggers at village funerals with his vain jokes fares much better than this charade,” said Kunambura

Economist and the People Democratic Party Secretary for Economics Vince Musewe said Mugabe’s speech indicated that the government was no longer able to achieve its goals.

“Zimbabwe economy has collapsed and cash shortages are a clear indication that we are no longer able to generate the resources we need to function normally. When a whole President ignores this it points to two things. It’s either he is ignorant of realities on the ground or has ceased to care. I suspect it’s both. This means that our country no longer has President and that we must cease to expect any meaningful solutions to our problems coming from there,” said Musewe.

Activist Pride Mkono said President Mugabe had wasted the nation’s time, by reading a document and as such should resign and go rest in Zvimba.

“It is a balance sheet of falsehoods, failure and arrogance. The country is burning and the President choses to waste the nation’s time presenting a shoddy statement that makes mockery of our democracy and constitution. The only thing that could have redeemed his legacy of failure was to tell the nation that he is stepping down and pack his bags and go to Zvimba,” said Mkono.

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