No Biometric voting but biometric registration in2017-ERC

Staff reporter

The Election Resource Centre (ERC) has moved to clarify thaat Zimvbabwe is not adopting a Biometric voting system but implementing a biometric registration of voters in 2017.

This means all eligible voters must register to ensure they are on the new Voters’ Roll as the current one will be deactivated.

In a statement the ERC said “The capturing of biometric data is aimed at limiting possible duplication and improve the identification of voters during voting. If the process is managed well and in accordance with the principles for voter registration, biometric voter registration will boost public confidence and ensure improvements in the conduct of electoral processes in the country. Various African countries have made great strides in adopting Biometric Voter Registration including Nigeria, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Ghana.”

The statement further read “The Election Resource Centre (ERC) therefore contends that the upcoming voter registration exercise must conform to international voter registration principles such as: inclusiveness, accessibility, transparency, comprehensiveness, an informed citizenry/electorate, efficiency, among others. The ERC encourages all stakeholders who include the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and the electorate to actively and effectively participate in the upcoming voter registration exercise.”

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