Legality of debt collector challenged: First Lady owned school listed as client of debt collector

Staff reporter

Harare resident Ms Shiella Chibika has approached the High Court seeking an order to declare the operations of debt collectors illegal.

Debt collectors have been on the prowl after Harare City Council engaged their services  to recover millions of dollars that is owed by rate payers.

WellCash debt collectors was operating in the office of Council’s credit controller,a Mr Wilson at Rotten Row. The debt collectors were demanding 10 % of what the rate payers owe as their commission.

After paying $80 for the $200 he owed, an elderly man revealed that before he could be cleared he needed to  pay another $20 to the debt collectors.

This reporter also witnessed first hand the employees of Wellcash demanding 10% of what was owed as he went undercover  as a rate payer.

However while a story that appeared in state media only mentioned that Harare City Council and Chitungwiza City Council engaged the services of this debt collector it has emerged that government departments and other well to do individuals have engaged the services of the debt collector.

Amai Mugabe Junior School, a school in Mazowe run by the First Lady Grace Mugabe is listed by WellCash as  a client on their website.

Other government institutions who have used the the debt collector include Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, CMED and several rural district councils.

The debt collector has been issuing 48 hour ultimatums to residents to pay up , failure of which they would lose their property. The debt collector  threatened civil imprisonment to those who do not have property that could be attached.




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