“I am same level as Mugabe-Mphoko

Mlondolozi Ndhlovu

The political drama in the ruling ZANU PF has reached a crescendo after acting President Phelekezela Mphoko demanded more respect as he is an equal partner with President Robert Mugabe .

Sources close to the meeting revealed that Mphoko equated himself to President Mugabe.
This was said at a Provincial Coordinating Meeting in Bulawayo on Sunday.

Speaking at a Zanu PF meeting in Bulawayo, Acting President Phelekezela Mphoko is alleged to have bragged that he is more senior to his counter part Emmerson Mnangagwa and equal to Mugabe as he is leading the ZAPU component of the Patriotic Front.

He said ” You should understand something you people. During the Patriotic Front era, Nkomo was President of Zapu and Mugabe President of Zanu. At Unity Accord it was the same thing and both their deputies, Msika and Muzenda became national chairman and VP respectively. When Nkomo, President of Zapu died, his deputy, Msika took over as President of Zapu and became the VP and in came John Nkomo who became Zapu No.2 making him National chairman. Precedence was followed when Msika died, John Nkomo became President of Zapu and S.K Simon khaya Moyo) his Deputy. Now that Nkomo is gone, I am now the President of Zapu within the Unity accord.I am different from Mnangagwa who is a deputy of Mugabe. I represent a Party in the Unity and Mnangagwa is represented by Mugabe. I need to be respected as such”

These words are likely to be pounced on by a rival faction in the ruling party believed to be headed by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa which has been under attack from Professor Jonathan Moyo after Mnangagwa was pictured with a mug which had words inscribed ‘Im the boss’.His critics say this means he sees himself as President.

more to follow

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