Biti calls for unity

Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Opposition People Democratic Party President Tendai Biti has reiterated the need for opposition political parties to imitate the Gambians and unite ahead of the 2018 elections in order to dismantle the Zanu Pf system.

Parties in Gambia recently united in elections that saw the defeat of dictator Yaya Jameh in a hotly disputed plebiscite.

Biti said they was need for the opposition political party to emulate

“We need to do smart politics, uniting the Gambian style of December 2016 or the Kenyan way of 2002, just to confront and liquidate the dictator and maybe resort to our different agendas after the military regime has been replaced by a people-centered and transformation oriented leadership,” said President Biti.

Biti speaking at a recentSAPES Trust in Harare where he was one of the panelists at a dialogue series entitled; “Zimbabwean Transition: Is 2017 A Decisive Year” said the country needed a relieve from Zanu PF.

“Zimbabwe has been governed by a military machine since 1958, at Independence, Zanu PF just replaced the (Ian) Smith military outfit with another which has never been demobilised,” he said.
He said with the military in charge of the country’s affairs, the opposition would lose the 2018 election if there is no thought leadership to chart an alternative solution to the old way of doing politics.

“Thought leadership would be the only hope for Zimbabwe to claw back and recapture the election. Political parties, social movements, civic society and labour, need to come together and continue the resistance of 2016, resistance must among other issues be for media and electoral reforms including the demand to exercise the right to vote by those in the Diaspora,” he said.
He said actors involved in negotiating or participating in broad coalition of political parties must bear in mind that power sharing is not the agenda of the alliance.

“What must be on the agenda is a vision for real transformation which is the only thing that Zanu PF is afraid of because they know it will form a real alternative, which can threaten the continued military hold in the country,” he said.

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