Transport for diaspora voters

Staff reporter

A  Zimbabwean opposition political party is set to launch an ambitious project that will see it financing Zimbabweans in the diaspora to come and vote in the upcoming 2018 elections.

Transform Zimbabwe president, Jacob Ngarivhume said his party was working on modalities with various organisations and individuals to finance transport and accommodation for Zimbabweans in the diaspora as a means of encouraging them to come and vote the ruling ZANU PF out of power.

In a statement gleaned by this publication, the outfit said it had launched its ambitious campaign dubbed ‘Stop Blaming, Start Acting: Vote 2018 Campaign’ — to ensure that millions of Zimbabweans who were forced to migrate to neighbouring countries as a result of the failing economy come and vote.

“We are working with Zimbabweans based mainly in South Africa and Botswana to ensure that they have transport to come home and register and then come again to vote,” said the party.

Millions of Zimbabweans unhappy of Mugabe’s authoritarian rule often miss the opportunity to vote in the country’s harmonised elections due to a plethora of reasons including lack of an enabling Bill which would see them voting from their respective bases  —  and also financial constraints which makes it difficult for them to jet home and forth.

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