Stop mimicking ruling party opposition parties told.

Staff reporter

The succession issue within the ruling party is distracting opposition parties from focusing on their own politics political analysts have said.

Speaking at SAPES Trust  this week , Takura Zhangazha said that the contradictions within the ruling party have become a distraction to the opposition parties.

He said that instead of talking about what they had to offer the electorate , they are talking more of the fighting within Zanu PF and waiting to see what happens.

Zhangazha also said while the ruling party appears divided they are united on two important issues. They are united on power retention in the 2018 elections and they are also united on how to run the the economy.

He said the ruling party is pursuing a neo-liberal agenda through state capitalism.

The opposition has failed to come with an alternative model to run the economy and seems to be following in the footsteps of the ruling party if their election manifestos are anything to go by.

Zhangazha said that mimicking the ruling party was likely to end in failure for the opposition parties.


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