Kingsdale houses demolished..Chombo implicated

Staff reporter

Kingsdale Housing Cooperative residents in Norton were left stranded after their houses were destroyed by Cuthbert Mupami representing  and armed police who were acting on behalf Mparawe Properties

The residents were disputing the $27 per square meter price pegged by Mupami insisting on paying the $5 per square meter which is stipulated by the deed of agreement and confirmed by a constitutional court judgement passed in 2015.

At least 5 families lost their homes after they were identified as the ring leaders influencing everyone else not to pay the exorbitant price demanded by Mupami.

At least two residents were arrested on charges of trying to stop the evictions from going ahead.Zebediah Mazokera and Jane Gomwe were only released after Norton legislator Temba Mliswa provided them with a lawyer.

Mliswa said that the property developer is supposed to stick to the price ordered by the constitutional court instead of short changing residents.

The cooperative is accused of double allocation of stands and demolishing the houses of some occupiers in order to hide the massive double sales that occurred.

Some residents quarried why the evictions were carried out at midnight and suspected the use of undue political influence.

A resident who refused to be named said Minister of Home Affairs Ignatius Chombo and his nephew Brian Mafarimbudzi of Mparawe Properties are behind the chaos at Kingsdale.

“Minister Chombo vauraya musangano nekuda kwavo mari. Dai zvaibvira vambomiswa basa said one resident who threatened not to vote for the ruling party is the issue is not addressed.

Human rights watchdog Zimbabwe Peace Project urged the government to address the politicisation of residential land which is escalating conflict in some communities.

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