Pro-Mugabe demo flops

Staff reporter

A demonstration called for by the smaller grouping of war veterans led by Mandi Chimene flopped after only a handful of people turned up to demonstrate against Minister of War Veterans Tshinga Dube after he said that there was nothing wrong discusing President Robert Mugabe’s succession.


Spokesperson of the ruling ZANU PF party, Simon Khaya-Moyo said the issue of succession was not up for discussion as the office of the President was not vacant. He dismissed Dube’s assertions that President Mugabe must groom a successor pointing out that this was not provided for by the constitution.

While the war veterans group led by Chris Mutsvangwa commended Dube, another group led by Chimene said Dube was out of order and organised a demonstration to register their displeasure against Dube.

However the march failed to gather momentum after only a handful of party supporters attended placing doubt in whether President Mugabe still commands the grassroots structures of the party.

Mugabe has repeatedly fallen out with war veterans who fancy themselves as the stockholders of the party and country.

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