Mnangagwa’s social media cabinet contradicts his stated ambitions

When humans show inconsistency concerning their words and actions it is usually a sign of deception or simply not knowing what one is doing. The recently announced cabinet by President Mnangagwa shows that inconsistency is likely to persist

While Mnangagwa’s cabinet may have wowed social media , a closer look at it reveals a very worrying direction that his government may be taking this country

Emmerson Mnangagwa came to power on the promise of reform and engagement. Many Zimbabweans wanted his cabinet to reflect such ambitions through the dumping of what has been termed deadwood over the years and introduction of new blood.

Mnangagwa has promised a middle income economy . To have a middle income economy the fundamentals must be correct and these must include attracting investment. The economy must be able to attract both domestic and foreign investment.

For local investment to be feasible it means Zimbabweans must start to save more domestically. It means they will need to have confidence with institutions that handle money.

This is not going to happen under two ministers who have presided over the theft or erosion of people’ s investments. Mthuli Ncube who is set to look after the country’ s purse presided over a failed bank some few years ago. One of the tasks that Ncube has is to inspire confidence in Zimbabweans to bank again . Surprisingly the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission has launched investigations against bank owners and executives who presided over banks that prejudiced Zimbabweans. What if Ncube is implicated for the failure of his Barbican Bank or has he already been cleared?

Another minister who has been implicated in a case of disappearance of public funds is Energy Mutodi whose housing cooperative was accused of prejudicing civil servants. Again President Mnangagwa has appointed a lands commission to investigate bogus housing cooperatives and I wonder if he doesn’t see a contradiction by appointing Mutodi in his cabinet.

Its going to be very difficult for Mnangagwa to convince investors , local or foreign about ‘reform’ in the face of these contradictions. While foreign investors may not bother , citizens and local investors will be wary about putting their money in the care of those associated with abusing it in the past.

The appointment of Obadiah Moyo whose claim to fame is almost privatising a public hospital should ring warning bells to the poor. They must expect privatisation of public hospitals through private partnerships which will make healthcare affordable to them. The only winners of this arrangements will be those who will win tenders to supply various health machinery. The quality of healthcare itself will get worse. if you don’t have money you will not access healthcare.

The appointment of Joram Gumbo in the energy sector after he presided over the Mugabe aircraft scandal means corruption will be with us for a while longer.

The poor must not expect too much from this ‘social media cabinet’. It is at best a celebrity cabinet meant to silence naysayers on social media .It may prove me wrong but I do not think it is capable of delivering reforms at a scale required to turn around things in this country.

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