Pro-Mugabe demo flops

Staff reporter A demonstration called for by the smaller grouping of war veterans led by Mandi Chimene flopped after only a handful of people turned up to demonstrate against Minister of War Veterans Tshinga Dube after he said that there was nothing wrong discusing President Robert Mugabe’s succession.

ZANU PF succession not in Mugabe’s hands anymore

Malvern Mkudu, Opinion The introduction of Sydney Sekeremayi as Mugabe’s possible successor by Professor Jonathan Moyo was not necessarily a surprise move. G-40 has been throwing around his name as a possible contender for a long time. However last week we saw it being made official under what the Mugabe faction in the ruling party…

Mugabe’s youth rallies starts off on a bad note

Malvern Mkudu Whenever ZANU PF gathers particularly for President Mugabe’s rallies, it is always a colourful event. People are bused in to fill  the numbers to massage President Mugabe’s ego and confirm that he still has the whole nation behind him.

Transform existing schools into world class schools

Malvern Mkudu, Opinion Claims by government that it will build 17 world class schools come at a  time when government has announced that it will close 40 schools in Matebeleland South due to funding challenges. Government has a plan to build 2000 ‘world class’ schools.These claims need to be challenged.

Zanu Pf not a revolutionary party

By Takura Zhangazha* The ruling Zimbabwe African National Union (Patriotic Front) Zanu PF has regularly made claims that is a ‘revolutionary party’.  It has buttressed its arguments on the basis of not only its role in the liberation struggle but also a default land reform exercise that it undertook in the face of a strong…

Student loans on the cards

By Takunda Mandura Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Science and Technology Development Dr Godfrey  Gandawa told parliament that students were going to benefit from loans which have been introduced to replace the grant system.